College and Career Package

Does this sound like your student?

      See lost and confused about the future?

      Have an uncertain college and career path?

      Not know where to begin when exploring college programs and opportunities?

      Not know how to begin studying for the SAT?

If so, then March Consulting would like to recommend their College and Career Package, a program designed to help guide your student through the admissions process, financial aid, and scholarships while simultaneously preparing them for their future career.

Our College and Career Package takes students deep inside the college admissions process, assisting them in keeping on track, staying organized, and demonstrating all of their hard work in the best ways to college admissions officers.  Because your student is aware of different careers out there or has an idea of what they want to do, we combine the college admissions process with our career coaching services to really help your student prepare for their future and make the most of their tuition dollars.   We cover job shadowing and informational interviews, ways to network in college and in high school, personal branding, and setting long term and short term goals.  Your student will be prepared for college and for future employment by not only knowing the step-by-step process to get there, but also what to do if they change their minds.

Our College and Career Package focuses in the following areas:

  • An Orientation and Full Assessment – Connecting the student’s personality and goals with potential colleges.
  • Academic and Activities Review – Suggest classes and activities both that the student will enjoy but also that will create a more impressive application.
  • Standardized Testing – Create a studying and testing plan to help students improve scores.
  • College Search – Help narrow down a manageable and personalized college list and prepare for meaningful college visits and interviews.
  • College Essays and Applications – Keep track of application deadlines and assist in drafting and revising essays.
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships – Inform families about costs and financial aid options, as well as help students in scholarship search.
  • Career Exploration and Planning – Explore possibilities for a future career based on the student’s interests and make a college plan to advance that career.
  • Personal Marketing and Networking – Give students the tools to find and acquire jobs that move them forward in their future career.

Our College and Career Package averages at 24 meetings and can be completed during the course of two years, one year, or a few months.

Free Bonus:

March Consulting invites our students in the College and Career Package to attend our career workshops and admissions workshops for free.  This includes any industry webinars and/or workshops that are offered throughout the time that students are with March Consulting.