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(Note that all of these services are offered both in person and over Skype or Google Hangout.)


College Admissions Package

For anyone from 8th through 12th grade wanting to focus on getting into college!

– Assessment of academic goals and best way to work toward those goals while still in high school

– Testing and studying plan

– Aid in the college search, including financial aid packages of different schools

– Personal help with the college essays and applications


Career Package

For anyone currently in college or recently graduated from college wanting to kick-start their career!

– Determine personal and career goals and make plan to accomplish them

– Training in personal branding and networking


College and Career Package

For anyone in high school looking for direction and the motivation to achieve their potential!

– Combines the college and career packages

– Ensures that the student has a game plan past acceptance into college


Platinum College and Career Package

For anyone in high school wanting to go above and beyond to prepare for their future!

– Combines the college and career packages

– Additional and more thorough personality and career planning test: Johnson O’Connor Assessment

– More than just a testing plan; Offers course with High Scores Test Prep to improve scores


College and Career Package for Transfer Students

For anyone currently in or entering college who is planning on transferring!

– Combines the college and career packages

– Also includes a transferring game plan, with all the required courses and activities



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