21 Better Ways to Spend Your Summer than Watching Netflix

9 Jun 2019

CameraOccasionally you may have heard us mention the benefits of completing a summer project or program: Have a great experience! Meet new people! Learn new skills! Discover your passions!

You might even agree with us an think a summer project would be a great idea! But now it’s practically July… and you’re still watching Netflix 7 hours a day…

No more excuses. You’ve still got plenty of time left to take on a fun and meaningful summer project. Here’s a list of 21 things you can do THIS summer:

Volunteer: You don’t necessarily have to travel half way around the world to find a place to serve. If you’re from the Bakersfield area, we just made your life easier and included links to local organizations looking for high school aged volunteers. Not from Bako? A quick Google search pulls up more volunteer options than we could count! Try volunteering at:

1. The humane society (Bakersfield SPCA)

2. A local museum (BMOA)

3. Your place of worship

4. A hospital or nursing home (San Joaquin Community Hospital Adventist Health)

5. A day camp (List of Bakersfield area camps)

Job Shadow: One of the best ways to learn if you’re cut out for a certain career is to follow a professional along for the day. Make sure to ask lots of questions, introduce yourself to other employees, and record your thoughts and experiences when you get home. While shadowing someone doing EXACTLY the job you dream of would be ideal, don’t be afraid to spend an afternoon learning about a field you don’t know anything about. You might be surprised at what interests you. You can shadow:

6. Your parents

7. Other relatives

8. Your parents’ friends

9. Your neighbors

10. Alumni from your high school

Learn/Develop a Skill: Never tried cooking calamari? Always wanted to take your pogo stick technique to the next level? This is your summer. Do it.

11. Learn HTML

12. Pick up a new instrument (or an old one you’ve set down!)

13. Film a movie with friends

14. Start a podcast or blog

15. Make your parents or grandparents’ day and ask them to teach you to cook

16. Write a sestina (What’s a sestina? This.)

17. Learn how to ride a unicycle

Plan Something Different: Alternating with friends between swimming in the pool and going to the movies can get old eventually (and we love movies). Change things up and start something new!

18. Start a running group to train for a 5k/10k/half/marathon/triathlon/jump rope across America race

19. Start a band and host a concert for friends and family

20. Plan a block party for your neighborhood

21. Host a book and movie club with friends to read and then watch books turned into movies together. Host a discussion and battle over the ever-present controversy: Was it better than the book?

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