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“I was overwhelmed by all the universities our son was considering. She has helped him focus on his career path along with the options of schools that would be the “right fit” for him. Kat has the experience and knowledge that gives a student an advantage when it comes to the whole process.” –Benita Lesaca, Mother

College admissions has changed so much over the past few years, we can understand your worries about the process-and the different components that are now required.  We understand how you might be worried about your student getting into a good school, wondering if they’re going to be accountable, or if they’ll wait until the last minute to get it done…

We’re here because we care about equipping students to live the life they want to live – which we believe includes getting into the college that is right for them and making themselves marketable for their dream career. We’re here to help you ask the right questions and find the right answers. We’re here to meet with you face-to-face, to find the perfect college and career to fit your personality and interests, and to offer our professional advice on a subject that can be filled with so much fear and confusion. We’re here because we understand that the atmosphere surrounding college is ominous and competitive, and because we don’t want you to walk through it alone. We’re not just here to help your students go to a college that’s the right fit for them; we’re here to help set them up for their future.

Meet the team!

KatClowesHeadshotKat Clowes (CEO and Founder) has returned to Kern County to offer advice from all the mistakes she made through her own college application process. Now she is a successful college graduate with several degrees, including an MBA from Mount Saint Mary’s College with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship, a BA in Communications from Santa Clara University, and a post-graduate certificate in Independent Educational Consulting from UC Irvine.  An associate member of the Independent Educational Consultant’s Association (IECA) and the Higher Educational Consultant’s Association (HECA), she visits college campuses throughout the United States to discover more about the great options available to a variety of different students and brings that knowledge home with her to help students discover the best fit schools for their needs. She has also written a book called Put College to Work, detailing how students can maximize their time in college in a way that will prepare them for a successful career. However, her favorite part of her job is watching clients discover that they have something to offer the world and find the means of communicating it. 


Jordan Fulmer (Educational Consultant) received his bachelor’s degree in English with honors from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Before that, he attended and graduated from Ridgeview High School. In addition to his studies in English, which encompassed literature, theory, and creative writing, he also is an avid film and music aficionado with interests ranging from writing and acting all the way to singing and dancing. Basically, he is still a theatre kid at heart. What Jordan brings to March Consulting is an outside-the-box approach to getting students prepared for college. He has years of experience tutoring students, even going as far as traveling overseas to teach English to second language-learners in Myanmar. He believes this gives him a unique perspective to helping students. Ultimately, Jordan harnesses his creative energy and humor to help our clients feel more prepared for college, or perhaps as Jordan puts it “…inspire them to succeed. Kinda like any movie Robin Williams made in the 90’s.”


Don Kruszka (Educational Consultant, Arts Specialist) After graduating with a B.A. from the State University College of New York at Buffalo, and even before, Don has led a diversified existence, including working professionally for nearly 30 years as a stand-up comedian, newspaper reporter and editor, stage actor and puppeteer. He has worked in television and video projects, including two seasons as Pierre the Fanatic Hockey Snowman with the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes. He has worked and performed in the United Kingdom, Mexico, and China, and has toured back and forth across the lower 48 states. He has served on the Puppeteers of America Board of Trustees and as its Scholarship Committee Chair. He has conducted performance-based workshops for students of all ages, and had trained and led student mentor groups. He is also the Artistic Director and Primary Performer for Omnipresent Puppet Theater, which tours throughout California and Western New York State.

Amelia Mejia (Career Consultant) When she graduated from San Diego State University, Amelia, like most recent graduates, was not sure what to do with her BA in Communications. Luckily, with a referral from a colleague, Amelia landed a job in Recruiting and Staffing where she discovered a passion in particular for Training and Development. Over the last four years, she has learned to identify individual strengths to assist those who are new to the corporate world. Amelia hopes to not only act as a mentor to those going through the application process, but as a resource for all students and young professionals who are trying to find their way. When she is not working, Amelia performs with local theater companies and explores Bakersfield with her dog, Bentley.


Julia Clausen (Copywriting Assistant) is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine. She had no idea what she was doing when she applied to colleges and ended up, as an English major, at a school that consists almost entirely of Biology majors. Luckily she has figured out how to gain experience as a tutor, freshman mentor, and publication editor and how to market her skills in spite of her mistakes. Now she gets to work for the lovely Kat Clowes, so it all worked out in the end. (But don’t use her luck as an excuse to slack off. This is serious.) She spends her free time as a dancer, painter, and coffee-drinking, when she’s not working as a freelance editor and writer.


IMG_0449Victoria Bruick (Content Editor) is a graduate of Valparaiso University where she studied English and Music. She is always ready to explain how her two seemingly unrelated majors prepared her to enter “the real world.” (What can you do with an English major? Everything.) Victoria was that kid who was too excited about school and started researching colleges in the sixth grade, so now she enjoys helping others find their way through the college admission process and beyond through the March Consulting blog, newsletter, podcast, and online workshops.


See what our clients have to say about us:

I was nervous and didn't know how to express myself.

"I was nervous and stressed about the process; I was concerned I wouldn't be able to express myself through a simple essay. I didn't know where I wanted to go to school, or even where to apply.  Since working with Kat Clowes, I was accepted into ten colleges with great scholarships, and my confidence has increased. I have learned so much from Kat about the application process, financing college, and even ways to be successful in college.  If someone asked me if they should come to March Consulting, I would tell them they absolutely need to see Kat. Working with Kat and setting goals and deadlines made me feel like I was productive throughout the college application process. Kat has made me feel more confident about what I have done in high school and how I presented myself in applications."

(Accepted to Saint Louis University, Class of 2019)

Anjali Patel
Stockdale High graduate

Worth every penny...

"Kat helped our daughter overcome her fears about the application process with step by step attainable goals.  Through Kat's mentoring, our daughter embraced and owned the process, and looked forward to her sessions with Kat.  Overall, the experience was great, and the fee we paid Kat was worth every penny." 

Kelly Clanton

I received $55,000 in annual scholarships from my top choice!

"Before I started with March Consulting, I had no real idea of where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. However, after working with Kat Clowes, I got accepted to Harvey Mudd College (my top choice), and they offered me $55,000 in annual scholarships! Even if they know exactly where they want to go and what they want to do, everyone should work with Kat. She can make sure you get into your dream college with all of the scholarships you need."

Evan Amason

Thank you so much!!

"Before starting this workshop I was extremely nervous and lost with the whole college application process.  I felt like I had no direction with my essay and didn't know what to even write about.  But after this workshop not only do I have a rough draft for one of my essays, I am so much more well informed, confident, and excited about college!!  Kat's outgoing, personable demeanor and ability to take the scariness out of the situation benefited me in more ways than one.  Kat was so very helpful and enthusiastic with us and also very patient, which I appreciated.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!"

Amanda Zavala

I didn't fit into the perfect, cookie-cutter mold...

"I was extremely fearful about the college application process.  The whole experience overwhelmed me because I felt as if I had no direct plan with regards to my future, and I did not feel like I fit into the perfect, cookie-cutter mold required of a UC applicant.  I feel SO much more confident with the college application process now.  Kat was vital in helping me go through this process.  I feel so much more at ease, particularly with my personal statements.  I have a new found sense of excitement, and I could not have felt this way without her!"

Pilar Punsalan
Independence High School Senior

This workshop was EXTREMELY helpful!

"Before this workshop, I was terrified!  I was putting off my applications because I was scared.  I didn't know where to start and honestly I didn't think I was worthy of applying to major schools.  OMG!  This workshop was EXTREMELY helpful!  I learned so much and everything was simplified enough for me to now feel confident in my applications.  Kat provided me with extremely useful advice, now I know I am going to college....FOR SURE!  She helped me so much with my personal statement that now I'm gushing with ideas!"

Shubdeep Rai

Teachers and others that I talked to would only give me handouts to read...

"Walking into March Consulting's workshop, I was anxious and nervous about the college application process.  Teachers and others that I talked to would simply give you handouts for you to read through but not actually sit down with you.  I just didn't feel confident applying to schools.  After the workshop, I felt amazing!!  So much stress has been relieved, especially for writing my personal statement for the UC's.  I greatly appreciated the fact that she sat down and worked with us to design our essays no matter how long it took.  It really opened my eyes.  Now I feel more confident in applying to my school of choice."

Jenesi Garcia

I was completely and utterly lost...

I was completely and utterly lost when it came time to register for college, and felt intimidated and alone.  Kathryn Clowes guided me throughout the entire process and dispelled my worries while preparing me and leading me in the direction I planned to go.

Tessa Ogles

Kat helped me find my way educationally and personally...

Kat is an excellent role model and has helped me find my way educationally and personally.  She’s both professional and genuinely concerned about others.  I highly recommend her services!

Carolyn Fox

I wholeheartedly endorse...

I wholeheartedly endorse March Consulting for their expertise in educational consulting.

Dr. Janet Robinson, MBA Director
Mount St. Mary’s College