Fine and Performing Arts

College Drama and Music Auditions: How to shake the jitters and impress the directors

Don Kruszka | March Consulting Arts Specialist I never liked auditioning. In fact, I hate it.  Especially when that audition involves contrasting monologues. Preparing an out-of-context speech for strangers who have never seen you before and will judge your worthiness in five minutes or less always seemed fraught with peril.  There is a reason auditions have […]

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Dispelling the Myth of the Performing Arts Major

 Don Kruszka | March Consulting Arts Specialist   Performing Arts. These are two of the scariest words for a parent to hear when their child is thinking about going to college and declaring a major. When parents think of college, they think of the expense, the time commitment, the whole overwhelming process. And, understandably, they want […]

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