Cheers to the Individual: Writing an Outstanding College Application Essay

Jordan Fulmer | March Consulting Educational Consultant There are thousands of applicants each year with the perfect unweighted 4.0/weighted 5.0 GPA, the 1600 SAT/36 ACT, and the robust list of community service/academic achievements. Tough advice I received back when I was applying to colleges: when it comes to admissions, there is always someone academically better than you. […]

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Leaps and Bounds–Or the Reason You Should Read Our Blog

As you’ve probably already gathered, we’re passionate here at March Consulting about your child’s future in college and beyond. We believe that every student should have the opportunity to carefully plan where they’ll be after college and the college application process is part of that. Naturally, our current economy isn’t giving them that ‘good ole’ […]

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