The College Admissions Package

  • We conduct intense research to maximize scholarships and financial aid for each student before they start applying to schools.
  • We select colleges that fit your student’s personality, major, and interests.
  • We help students identify what makes them stand out as applicants.
  • We keep your student on track (so they’re not filling out applications the night they’re due).
  • We keep your student informed and accountable.

We meet with the student in regular, one-on-one counseling sessions until the college application process is complete. First we asses the student’s academic and personal strengths in order to better hone in on the ideal school and come up with a curriculum and activities plan that makes your student stand out from other applicants. Then we help them make a testing plan, walk them through every aspect of applications from essays to letters of recommendation, help the parents determine the best financial aid package from potential schools, and overall make sure that the student is presenting their best selves to the world.

Our College Package takes students deep inside the college admissions process, assisting them in keeping on track, staying organized, and demonstrating all of their hard work in the best ways to college admissions officers.

Our College Package focuses in the following areas:

  • Orientation and Full Assessment – Connecting the student’s personality and goals with potential colleges while helping them discover more about themselves.
  • Academic and Activities Review – Suggest activities both that the
    student will enjoy and that will create a more concentrated application.
  • Standardized Testing – Create a monitored study plan and recommend testing and studying strategies to boost scores.
  • College Search – Help your student narrow down a manageable and personalized college list that is the best fit while preparing them for meaningful college visits and interviews.
  • College Essays and Applications – Keep track of application deadlines, helping the application shine, as well as assist in drafting/revising essays, and help the student get the best letters of recommendation from their teachers.
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships – Inform families about costs and financial aid options for college while matching the student to schools that will offer the maximum amount of institutional scholarships while also helping students in the scholarship search.

Free Bonus: 

March Consulting invites our students in the College Package to attend our career workshops and admissions workshops for free.  This includes any industry webinars and/or workshops that are offered throughout the time that students are with March Consulting.