Combatting Senioritis

13 Mar 2020

By Kelsea Ryan Johnson

You have been grinding for four straight years. AP classes, volunteer events, social gatherings, sports tournaments, mountains of homework, and for some of you, maybe even part time jobs. On top of all of this, you’re probably hoping to never have to see another college admissions essay prompt or fill out another FAFSA again in your life. If you are anything like I was in high school, by this point you have probably found yourself with a mean case of the dreaded “senioritis.” 

We at March Consulting have told our students time and time again that “We want you to be able to enjoy your senior year” and “You’ve done all of the hard work, congratulate yourself and relax!”

While this is mostly true, it is important to maintain!

What do I mean by this? To maintain in your senior year means to not allow the standard that you hold for yourself to to slip just because the finish line is so near. Those grades still matter! 

First tip I can offer is this: don’t give up.

Think of all of the hard work that you’ve done just to be in this position! The colleges that you have been accepted to have done so on the principle that you are an outstanding student, who will be an excellent addition to their campus. Prove them right by finishing your senior year strong. Prove it to us, to your parents, and most importantly, prove it to yourself! 

Believe it or not, “senioritis” is not a feeling that is mutually exclusive to seniors in high school! The crippling feeling of wanting to take an elongated break and give up on the projects that take up so much of your time and energy will follow you into adulthood (take it from me). You very may well be reading this as a means to escape from a growing pile of homework assignments and parent expectations! 

It’s been a few years since I’ve been a senior in high school myself, but as previously mentioned, we all need a kick of motivation at times. These are the tips and tricks that I find work best for me! 

1) Avoid procrastination at all costs: I personally like to keep a yearly planner, and fill it out weekly with assignments that need to be completed, obligations and meetings for the coming week, and even social events. This keeps me honest to my schedule and to my goals, allowing me to be productive in a way that is not overwhelming. I always know what is coming down the pipeline the Sunday before the storm. 

2) Taking care of yourself: This includes both mental and physical health. When you begin to feel overwhelmed or just generally unproductive, there is no reason why you can’t gift yourself a break. Some of my favorite ways of restarting include getting physically active for an hour or playing with my dog. Distraction can be good, to an extent! Especially when you go into it with the intention of starting again and feeling refreshed for it! Sleep is also huge! Everyone is different, but I feel like getting 7-8 hours is an absolute necessity for me to avoid being grumpy the next day. Your body needs time to restart, and not nourishing it in the ways it is asking you to is detrimental for your mental and physical health. 

3) Enjoy the now: Surround yourself with people who support your endeavors and  elevate the excitement for your future! Find ways to celebrate the successes of your friends and classmates too! In this period of change, it is important to take stock of all of the joy that life offers you now, and get the most out of these moments. Whether it be Senior Sunrise, eating lunch in the courtyard, or even participating in your last socratic seminar, life changes from here. Know that these are the little experiences that will shape you, and find gratefulness in that! You may not believe me now, but you will totally miss this place. 

4) Stop saying that you have senioritis: Don’t predispose yourself to a made up affliction! Find a new way to say what you’re experiencing! Try instead “I am ready to start a new chapter!” or “I am grateful for what I’ve learned, and I am excited to grow from here”. If you don’t speak it into existence, it doesn’t have any power over you, friends. 

You only have a couple of months to go! Keep running toward your goals, celebrating your successes, and fighting the good fight! 

Until next time,

Kelsea Ryan Johnson 

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