Creating Your Ideal Study/Office Space

17 Jan 2020

by Dakota Nash

Studying is a chore, and let’s be honest for a second…NOT FUN! It’s stressful, time-consuming, and a mandatory task if we genuinely want to succeed in our classes. However, we can take the negativity out of studying if we give ourselves an area that is entirely ours.

It transforms studying into your personal oasis of learning.

We will want a space that makes us feel comfortable and focused. Having a designated space for studying in your room/house will set you up for success. The trick is to only use this area for studying/work. Doing so allows our brains to recognize this space as a time for study.

 I have a central spot in my room and office, which keeps it familiar and isn’t as jarring as jumping from spot to spot, such as coffee shops, parks, or even the library. I need isolation; I’m too much of a people person to be in a busy place.

Now this area can mean lots of different things to many of us. However, a space that contributes to your learning style will make study/work a little bit more appealing.

As a student and even as an employee, I’m constantly being distracted by numerous things that surround me. It’s nice to have a distraction-free zone that will allow me to focus on my work. No Phones, No Social Media, No Snacking until break, etc. This will help keep your mind in the zone.

 We should keep Items on our desks that are essential to the task at hand and readily available. It takes me out of the zone to go searching for a textbook, therefore eating up more time than intended. My study session became less efficient because I didn’t have the necessary materials at hand.  

It is suggested to have natural light by your desk as well as a low maintenance plant. I personally keep succulents on my desk. They are super easy to maintain and add some life to my space. According to NASA, having a plant on the desk will help with Indoor air quality, breathing, and de-stress an already stressful study situation.

I even recommend having an alarm clock to keep you on track, a piece of paper not for your studies, but to write down any extraneous thoughts (schedule, snacks, and reminders) and a paper calendar to keep you from opening up your phone. Positive, inspiring quotes will help keep your motivation levels up and add some personal flair.

You should want your space solely focused on studying/work. Some like to have their desk cluttered, and others suggest having minimal to no clutter. I’m definitely on the minimal side, but I do need to have all my supplies and materials at hand when I begin my study session. It keeps me organized. On the other side of the spectrum, having a cluttered desk can spark creativity and imagination. It is said that creatives enjoy a cluttered desk. Do what is best to keep you in your workflow.

The bottom line is to decorate your space and design it in a way that sets you up for a successful work session. OWN IT. DO IT. ENJOY IT. 

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