The Sports Recruiting Package

We know that the decision to play college sports is a big one and adds a whole new component to the college admissions process.  With our Sports Recruiting Package, you’ll have guidance from start to finish from our own Derron Juarez, a recruited Division I athlete.  Your student will learn how to make themselves stand out from other athletes and applicants, how to approach and talk to coaches, and how to keep them updated with your athletic and academic accomplishments.

Our Sports Recruiting Package includes:

  • Evaluating Talent and College Opportunities
    We conduct a thorough evaluation of your student’s abilities and potential along with their goals, needs, and wants in the sport they are pursuing to match them with opportunities available to them in college.
  • Identifying/Formulating Goals
    We assist your student in identifying their goals for the future and creating a step-by-step plan to achieve those goals.
  • Developing a College List
    We create a detailed list of colleges that fits your student’s personality, goals, wants, needs, and learning style while also providing the athletic opportunities your student is looking for.
  • Creating a Personal Profile
    We help your student create a professional and well-done profile that will display your student’s abilities, academic achievements, and will make your student stand out from the crowd.
  • Creating a Resume/Coach’s Letter that Stands Out
    We assisting your student in drafting their coach letters and resumes in a way that makes them stand out from other applicants and emphasizes their strengths and interest in that particular college.
  • Creation of a Coach List
    We supply your student with information about the coaches on their list while helping them keep in contact, providing updates, etc.
  • Mock Interviews and Phone Calls
    Our goal is to assist your student in advocating for themselves by helping them prepare for interviews and phone calls with coaches in order to be professional in all communication.
  • Detailed Preparations for On-Campus Visits and Meeting with Coaches
    We plan out the itinerary for the day and prepare your student to make the most out of their visit, brainstorming questions to ask coaches, and scheduling meetings with department heads and/or class visits.
  • Guidance with Registering with the NCAA
    We guide you step-by-step through the registration process.
  • Strong Recruiting Video and Website
    We supply each athlete with the best information to make their video stand out while also making sure that their website is as professional and individualized as possible.
  • Showcase or Tournament Selection
    We evaluate and identify what showcases or tournaments will be essential in the recruiting process so your student has the best opportunity to catch a coach’s eye, saving time and money.
  • Assistance with Athletic Scholarships
    We do intensive scholarship research for each school our athletes are considering to determine what scholarship opportunities are available to them.  We also help students stand out in the scholarship process, while locating other scholarships not athletically related to maximize the amount of scholarships they are offered.

Individual and Group packages available.

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