The Arts Admissions Consulting Package

At March Consulting we believe in helping students find the best school and program for them to pursue their passions. Whether you’re student is looking to major in visual or performing arts or mainly looking to supplement their collegiate experience with artistic, theatrical, or musical experiences, we are here to help! With our Arts Admissions Consulting Package you’ll have guidance from our Educational Consultant and Arts Specialist, Don Kruszka, who has more than 30 years professional experience. Your student will learn how to stand out from other applicants, how to prepare and perform an audition, how to cultivate and present a portfolio, and how to successfully launch a professional career in the visual or performing arts.

Our Arts Admissions Consulting Package includes:

  • Evaluating Talent and College Opportunities

We conduct a thorough evaluation of your student’s abilities and potential along with their goals, needs, and wants in the discipline they are pursuing to match them with opportunities available to them in college.

  • Identifying/Formulating Goals

We assist your student in identifying their goals for the future and creating a step-by-step plan to achieve those goals.

  • Developing a College List

We create a detailed list of colleges that fits your student’s personality, goals, wants, needs, and learning style while also providing the musical, theatrical, or artistic opportunities your student is looking for.

  • Preparing for Auditions

We assist your student in selecting the right pieces to showcase their abilities to colleges. Additionally, we help prepare the student to perform their best with coaching on how to deal with nerves and tackle any sight reading/cold reads that may come their way.

  • Cultivating a Portfolio

We guide your student in creating and maintaining a diversified portfolio that highlights the student’s interests and strengths.

  • Guiding through Recruiting Process

We teach you and your student all you need to know about the recruiting process as it pertains to the student’s particular instrument/medium.

  • Assisting with Music/Theatre/Art Scholarships

We do intensive scholarship research for each school our students are considering to determine what scholarship opportunities are available to them.  We also help students stand out in the scholarship process, while locating other scholarships not musically/theatrically/artistically related to maximize the amount of scholarships they are offered.

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