The Importance of Your Planner

30 Jul 2019


A March Consulting Ode to Having a Planner

Personally? I love office supplies. New pens, new folders, new desk organizers – the list goes on and on. But if you’re not someone who loves spending hours deciding whether this year’s theme should be rose gold or March Consulting green for your school supplies, there is one thing that has to make it on your list this year: a planner.

While everyone is different, what I suggest is browsing a few planners to get a feel for what would best serve you. During the school year, you need to be able to plan out your assignments, when you’re going to study for tests, and when big events are, so you’re not spending the whole night before a project is due actually doing the project.

Yes, there is a better way.

Below are a few planners that have worked well for our students in the past. We also have a guest post from one of our former students, Sophia Caputo (who is a junior at Mercy College) to show you from a student’s perspective how a planner can work for you. 

Ready? Set? Plan!

Bullet Journal – Great for students who want more freedom and less structure in their planner. What we love about this one (other than that freedom), is a brief guide at the beginning and future planning that allows you to set goals and decide if you’re meeting them.

Clever Fox – A more traditional planner with flare, the Clever Fox allows you to plan out your weeks and months accordingly while also giving you room to document your goals. You can also document your personal goals at the same time, and evaluate whether or not you’re reaching them week to week and month to month.

Day Designer – While originally designed for managing the day-to-day of adulthood, Day Designer has made an academic planner that allows you to – you guessed it – plan out each day. There’s ample room to write down assignments, events, and even your to-do list, along with monthly and weekly plans. The Day Designer is more expensive due to being daily, and includes stickers, a customizable cover, and other additions.

Ultimate Student Planner – Designed for high school students, the ultimate student planner gives you a weekly and monthly view, as well as a place to keep your class schedule. It has space to plan out assignments and extracurriculars and runs from August to June, just like the school year.

Mead Planners – Last, and certainly not least, is the good old fashioned Mead planner that you can get at any store, including Target. They carry weekly and monthly versions of their planners. They get the job done and are extremely durable.

There are only a few suggestions. Don’t be afraid to look for one that fits your personality, organizational style, and needs. Remember that what is most important is that you USE your planner. 

As promised, here’s a word from a former student on what a planner can do for you (even if you’re not a senior yet).

The First Step to Conquering Senior Year

By Sophia Caputo

Do you have $8.09? Oh, perfect! You can afford a planner to keep your life in order.

    That’s right, it’s time for you to buy a planner (you too, dudes!). If the extremely basic Mead pocket planner is unexciting to you, try Kate Spade’s website or take a trip to Ross or Burlington. (I got one for $4!) Still not thrilled about buying an empty book to keep your life organized? Then use your phone’s calendar– easy peasy. 

    So you say you hate planners…

Coming from someone who perceived all organization tactics, especially planners, to be Satan reincarnate the first three years of high school, I can assure you I survived many deadlines and due dates all thanks to my trusty Target planner I purchased a month into senior year. This year is filled from top to bottom with obligations and assignments, with applications for both college and scholarships– and unfortunately neither the University of California Los Angeles or the Coca Cola Foundation are too forgiving on missing those deadlines.

…because it’s so tedious…

    Believe me, it takes a serious adjustment period to get into the habit of writing down the mundane tasks we’re required to do each day (homework, laundry, ASB meetings, etc.), but it helps in the long run. Avoid turning in assignments late or begging your classmates for due dates and details by keeping tabs on your own. By jotting down important things, you’re deeming them important– and you’re not simply affording yourself the excuse of “I forgot” anymore. 

    …and you’d just end up forgetting to actually write things down.

    Like I said, using your phone calendar or reminder app is just as good. One of my best friends set reminders on his laptop– one time I was at his house and we were studying for the AP Environmental Science test and a reminder to “GRIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” popped up. If something was super important, I’d take the time to utilize the “remind me at a location” feature on the reminder app. 

    Senior year will be epic for you, and it’ll be crazy stressful, too. You’ll be wishing for more hours in everyday; you’ll soon become painfully aware of the fact that, in a year, your siblings and parents won’t be down the hall from you. You won’t be able to just hop in the car and grab a Dewar’s milkshake before heading to your best friend’s house. Every single moment is valuable– try to make the most of every one.

So dig up $8.09 and get ready for an unforgettable senior year.

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